6 Traits That May Be Holding You Back

Do you or someone you know wish you had more money?

Maybe a nice financial cushion for peace of mind, or just some extra spending money each month?

I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck and I know how stressful that lifestyle can be. In fact I had some savings but it got wiped out when I was unable to work for a while due to illness.

I hope the information I’m about to share with you, will help you make some changes.

Understanding how overcoming these six personality traits have helped many people become self-made financial successes and learning about them and making some changes may just help you be on your way as well…

I am a nurse by education, however, I did not stay in nursing until retirement. I worked as a biological technician, did freelance typing and babysat just to name a few.

The right mindset can change everything.

That’s what I want to share with you today. But first need help with blog post ideas? Then check out this Master Swipe file from my mentor, Jim…

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Believe me when I say that I know how difficult it can be to change one’s mindset. We tend to prefer to ‘slip into old slippers’ rather than to push ourselves ‘outside the box’.

I know because I prefer to stay in my old slippers and it has held me back in my career and my online business. I challenge you to take a few minutes and read the follow, then decide if any of these are holding you back from your dreams.

1. Limited Self-Belief

Those who become independently wealthy or otherwise successful in life truly believe that nothing can stop them. They have self-confidence and they maintain a positive outlook even when things get tough.

They are optimistic and rarely let any setback rattle their cage.

2. Being Stuck In A Social Comfort Zone

We tend to socialize only with those who are in the same socio-economic group as ourselves. Our comfort zone.

We rarely tend to seek out those who are wealthier than ourselves and sometimes we may even avoid contact with those people.

High earners tend to do just the opposite they seek out, socialize and ask questions of those who are doing better than themselves. I’m sure you know some ‘snobs’ but if you ask they may just be willing to help.

I have learned from others in my own career and life. I just asked for help. I’ve had several mentors along the way and while I still don’t always follow their advice I give it my best. Here is one of those tips I received…

3. Avoiding Hard Work

Yes, that nasty little 4 letter word – WORK! It’s one of those things I’ve learned in my own online experience. I prefer to work just a few hours a day. But as I am growing my blog I’m finding that I need to spend 4-6 hours a day writing, reading and tweaking my posts.

And that does not include my efforts to get traffic to my blog.

Learning to break down the bigger and what may seem like an insurmountable task into smaller bite size pieces makes the work easier.
Sometimes even the smaller bites can seem a little overwhelming and if that is you then…

4. Take Action Instead of Just Talking About Your Plans

Do you tell yourself ‘You are going to lose weight’ or ‘I’m going to go on vacation’ but it just never seems to get done?

Maybe that’s not you but you might know someone who is always ‘going to’. Successful people Just Do – they take the action necessary for success. They realize that time is important and watching TV, playing videos or sitting on the fence is not the way to get things done.

5. Procrastination and Lack of Organization

Similar to #4

Maybe you have heard the term paralysis of analysis. It’s when you think things through to the point that you are paralyzed with fear of doing it wrong or not being good enough.

Therefore you procrastinate and never act on your plan or goal. You just keep putting it off until you completely throw in the towel on your idea.

And getting organized is one of the key pieces that successful people have. They don’t spend hours searching for a document or misplaced item. They know exactly where to find it or they know who to ask for information.

They also know when to delegate tasks and how to…

6. Use ‘Leverage’

Every successful person finds a way to leverage their time and money. They don’t do all the work themselves but delegate certain tasks in order to get the job done.

For example most politicians have speech writers, computer companies have software developers and coders along with lots of other people that make their systems work, attorneys have paralegals, etc.

In the online world there is affiliate marketing which allows the program owner to leverage the efforts of others to promote for them.

And there are resources like fiverr.com and elance.com if you want to outsource your own work.

I personally use fiverr on occasion if I want to have graphics done.

Take some time to evaluate whether any of these traits or lack thereof may be holding you back from your own success.


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