Beware the Magic Button

We all want to find that Magic Button that will lead us to instant income, without any work or effort on our part. We want to be able to quit the day job with just a single click and travel the world well into our retirement.

So where do you find that Magic Button?

There isn’t one. Any one who claims that you can just join a program and have instant overnight riches is selling you the swamp. Unless you have a list of followers that you can market to there is not any program that will allow you to earn 100s of dollars in a day when you are just getting started with your online venture.

So buyer beware. It’s easy to get mesmerized by all the promises, hype and professional sales pitches that abound in the online world.

And the secret loophole – there really isn’t one except putting the nose to the grindstone and be willing to treat your business as a business. Yes, you can make money but it takes time, energy, effort and money or all 4 to be successful.

Are YOU willing to do what it takes?

And those magic buttons, loopholes, automated systems and we do it all usually have a grab you price of $10 – $20 but then upsells to get you to part with even more of your money. And if you don’t like the upsell then they will try to get you to buy at a lower price and then may even hit you up again with an even better offer.

I think the worst one I have seen had the initial offer set at $7. By the time I got through 10 – yes 10 – offers ranging from about $17 to $297 I had forgotten why I even wanted the product (just kidding). I did remember but I was so frustrated by the process.

Even though I don’t remember the product name, now, I do remember that the sales pitch was a very enticing, just got to have ebook, chocked full of info. I purchased the ebook but managed to refrain from the other offers. The ebook really did not impress me as I remember. It had no new info and was yet another professionally written sales pitch to encourage me to get the BIG package.

I requested my money back!

Like many, I have made some of these kinds of purchases in hopes of finding the magic button and the road to success but I’ve also tried to follow the…

If it sounds to good adage.

Common sense often goes out the window when it comes to making a purchase and falling for the promises. Yes, there are many legit programs, ebooks and reports to help you succeed. I’m just suggesting that you take a moment and think before you buy.

Ask yourself if you will benefit from the information, is it worth the cost if you only learn one tidbit of new info, will it sit on the cyber shelf never to be looked at – yep not even the first time. Been there – done that. Trying to help you avoid the same mistakes.

I do try to recommend only programs and resources that I use or have at least checked out thoroughly.

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