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6 Traits That May Be Holding You Back

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Do you or someone you know wish you had more money? Maybe a nice financial cushion for peace of mind, or just some extra spending money each month? I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck and I know how stressful that lifestyle can be. In fact I had some savings but it got wiped out when I was unable to work for a while due to illness. I hope the information I’m about to share with you, will help you make some changes. Understanding how overcoming these six personality […]

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Don’t Quit Just Tweak

Don't Quit Just Tweak

OK, you’ve been at this make money online business for several months but you aren’t seeing revenue. You read blog posts from people who say they make 6 figures a year. Do they really? Honestly, I have no reason to doubt them. It may feel like making a buck is not in your future and certainly not 6 figures worth. I know because I’ve been there and no I don’t make 6 figures. If it happens over time great, fantastic, bring it on! My personal goal is […]

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Is a Six Figure Income Really Possible

Does the term ‘Six Figure Income’ get you all excited? It kind of makes you want to dive right in to whatever is being offered – doesn’t it. Well most of those who make those claims fail to tell you that you are going to need to WORK hard to get there. Your success is totally dependent on you and not the claims of the program, concept or your sponsor. Just as with my site there is usually a disclaimer some where that says there are no […]

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Downline Builders A Benefit or A Pain…

Downline Builders a benefit or a pain in the… My online experience has been mostly in the realm of advertising programs and money making programs (aka affiliate programs). But it is a world that is different from the blogs that I’ve been checking out since starting my own blog. These are affiliate programs that may be free or paid. When someone joins under you they too are looking for advertising and income. When I first started my online venture I don’t remember any of these advertising programs […]

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Get Organized From The Get Go

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‘A Stitch In Time Saves Nine’ is an old proverb with a simple meaning of take care of something now before the problem gets bigger. Getting Organized is something I wish I had done from the start of my ventures online. It’s easy to end up with a hundred or more programs, advertising, ebooks, trainings etc as you begin to look at making money online. And keeping all of this information in some orderly fashion is an absolute must. I didn’t have too much trouble just using […]

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Beware the Magic Button

We all want to find that Magic Button that will lead us to instant income, without any work or effort on our part. We want to be able to quit the day job with just a single click and travel the world well into our retirement. So where do you find that Magic Button? There isn’t one. Any one who claims that you can just join a program and have instant overnight riches is selling you the swamp. Unless you have a list of followers that you […]

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Unplugging and Spending Quality Time With Friends and Family

A friend and I recently took a trip to NYC. It was for pure pleasure and to get away from our normal day to day worlds. We opted to leave most of the technology at home and do NO work while away. I know NY may not sound like a place to unwind but we had a blast. Like two school girls going on a class trip. Four days of no emails, no responding to phone calls except those related to the trip and letting family know […]

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Stash Invest – Great Way for Beginners to Start Investing

“THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE READ MY DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO.” Have you thought about investing in the stock market but not sure how to get started? Stash Invest started in 2015 and allows investors to start with as little as $5. There are training articles to help you learn about Stash, investing, budgeting, beginners guide to investing and Stash Academy for Kids among others. What is an IPO? How do you read a stock prospectus? What is a sector? What is an industry? Have […]

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List Building Affiliate Programs

An affiliate is someone who is closely associated with another person or organization. There may or may not be a monetary relationship. In the context that we will talk about there is a monetary association. You join a program, refer others and you are rewarded with a set percentage of the sale. Some well known affiliate programs are ClickBank, Amazon and Commission Junction. Join as affiliate then choose products or services that you would like to promote. It’s not necessary to have made the same purchase prior […]

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No Elevator

No Elevator Have you heard the term ‘learning curve’? It’s the process we go through to learn a new task, to gain knowledge about a subject, to plan a trip, to build a business or a website. It doesn’t happen overnight and you can’t just press a button to go to the top immediately. Well maybe there was a brainy person in your class who seemed to be able to do that. In reality most of us have taken the stairs – that ‘learning curve’ since we […]

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