Do Typos and Grammar Really Matter

Do Typos and Grammar Really Matter?

In my opinion, yes typos and grammar really do matter. Just recently someone sent me a freebie ebook about marketing. Within the first section there were 4 typos and lots of grammatical errors. But who’s counting.

It was an immediate turn off for me. However, I kept skimming in hopes of finding a nugget of info. Notice I didn’t say read but even so I came across a lot more errors.

No luck with finding new info.

My thoughts were that this person (author) was not a professional and he had just thrown something together in hopes of making a few bucks. No way would I offer this re-brandable ebook to my subscribers or readers even if it is free.

Admittedly, I make errors in my writing but hopefully not many. I do go back and re-read my own writings several times in hopes of catching those typos and grammatical errors. Think about it – you pick up a book at the library and while reading you find lots of errors. What would your opinion of the author (or maybe publisher) be? Probably not very good.

Would you recommend that book? Unlikely.

I have read some articles and posts recently that say just to write and don’t worry about the errors. I agree with that. It’s what I have done with this post. I’m just writing about my pet peeve in a brain storming kind of method. But believe me I go back an make corrections.

Sorry, I won’t post the original unedited document.

In those articles and posts that make this recommendation I often find lots or errors which tells me that the author really doesn’t care what his reader thinks. It’s not that I am looking for errors they just tend to jump off the page and hit me in the face while I’m reading.

Ahh, maybe I should have been a proofreader.

Spell checkers are great but if the word has two sound alike options and both are spelled correctly then a spell checker won’t help. Words like ‘ewe’ and ‘you’ are both correct but only in the right context.

When spellcheckers first came about there was a short story that circulated with lots or correctly but incorrect wording. I don’t remember it but here is a sample sentence.

– I sea that ewe to have red quiet a few books. All of the spelling is correct but the sentence is totally incorrect. And spell checker did nothing. The following is the corrections that a grammatical checker suggested: I see that ewe to have red quite a few books.

If you notice the grammar check only corrected the words ’sea and quiet’.

Spelling and grammatical errors make a document difficult to read for example:

Lets go out to the park park for a stroller – does not make a lot of sense. It’s a text that I got from a friend. I knew what she was saying and it should have read ‘Let’s go out to the park for a stroll’

The bottom line – please take the time to read your own posts, emails or texts before posting or sending. It’s worth the effort. And if you have auto-correction on it too can make mistakes. If you aren’t good at correcting mistakes then find a proofreader or a software program that might help you get better at writing. is one I’ve used a couple of times just to find a different way of wording a sentence.

Even if you use this type of program you should still re-read your own article or post to be sure that it makes sense.

Have a great day!

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