Downline Builders A Benefit or A Pain…

Downline Builders a benefit or a pain in the…

My online experience has been mostly in the realm of advertising programs and money making programs (aka affiliate programs). But it is a world that is different from the blogs that I’ve been checking out since starting my own blog.

These are affiliate programs that may be free or paid. When someone joins under you they too are looking for advertising and income. When I first started my online venture I don’t remember any of these advertising programs having what is called a downline builder.

Someone came up with the idea of a downline builder which is simply a list of other programs that they liked and since they owned the program they could simply add other programs of their choosing in the back office. Then as new people joined that particular safe list they could join these other programs and add their own IDs then when they refer to that program those people will then be able to join through the links of their referrer.


I know that sounds a little complicated but it’s actually not once you have joined a program that offers a downline builder.

My personal take on this – I hate it. Why?

  • It can take a lot of time to fill in your id or referral link.
  • Some downline builders consist of 20 or more programs. I’ve seen as high as 100.
  • You can end up having way to many programs to keep track of.

A few years ago I calculated the time that it took me to fill in just one of those 20 downline builder programs. It took about 10 minutes for each one if I was not already a member. The process goes something like this…

  • Join program A as a new member – requires filling in some user info
  • Waiting for the confirmation email to come to the inbox
  • Clicking on the link in the email to confirm that it was you
  • Possible clicking on a link in a second email

You’ve now joined the first program and you look for the downline builder within that program and you repeat the process for each of those programs (if you decide to join) but you now need to log in and retrieve your user id and link then go back to the original program and fill in your information and then update.

So if it takes even just 5 minutes to go through the process for just one program then it would take 100 minutes (that’s over an hour and a half) to process 20). For me with my Internet connection at the time it was nearly double (3 hours). That’s when I quit filling in the downline builders.

But I do have a system that I use.

Because I have my links in a spreadsheet (see Getting Organized) I can fairly quickly fill in the downline builder for the programs that I am already a member of.

Once that is done I might check out a couple that I don’t belong to but for the most part I just let the rest of the of them alone. I rarely go back and join any new programs.

I know that this is considered – leaving money on the table – but I consider it more of a smart time saver and honestly I can’t manage 100 programs.

There are programs that are set up to be just downline builders. The idea is to join the downline builder which may or may not have a cost and then join each of the programs within. Once you are done with that then you advertise to get others to join the downline builder.

This is a whole different world from the affiliate marketing and blogs that I am now tending to follow but it is a world within a world. Essentially it is a niche.

Everything in life is a learning process as is the online world.

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