Easy Leads and Cash Review

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Easy Leads and Cash (ELAC) is a fairly new program (started in 2018). It is a lead generating system for your Traffic Wave autoresponder.

The cost is a one time $15 member to member payment process through CoinPayment so you earn 100% commisssions. You do need to pay the fee to get access to and set up your own ELAC system. However, you do not need to re-join TrafficWave.

What you get is easy to follow step by step instructions to set up your Traffic Wave campaign, pre-written emails, done for you capture pages and splash pages. Along with some free downloads in the back office.

Once set up this is your campaign so you can add to the email series, recycle your subscribers, add a link to your blog or website etc.

The whole purpose of the system is to build YOUR list. There are splash pages and direct payment pages that do not have an opt-in form. Personally I’m not sure what the purpose of these are and would not recommend using these pages.

Overall, I would give this program a thumbs up in helping you earn income and build your Trafficwave list and business. Watch the video to understand the power of 1 and learn how just one new member a month can create a residual income.


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