Get Organized From The Get Go

‘A Stitch In Time Saves Nine’ is an old proverb with a simple meaning of take care of something now before the problem gets bigger.

Getting Organized is something I wish I had done from the start of my ventures online. It’s easy to end up with a hundred or more programs, advertising, ebooks, trainings etc as you begin to look at making money online.

And keeping all of this information in some orderly fashion is an absolute must.

I didn’t have too much trouble just using the favorites bookmark in my browser. That was until I owned a safe list for a while. By being an owner and offering my subscribers super solos I was required to be a member of all the safe lists within that super solo.

This was my first experience with a downline builder. Way too many programs to keep track of and too overwhelming to even think about getting organized after the fact. So now when I sign up for a new program, product or service I copy and paste my affiliate or login link into a spreadsheet. This allows me to easily keep track of everything.


The bold indicates that I am an upgraded member in that safe list. I have another column that tells me the cost for those programs that I am upgraded in. I like using a spreadsheet because it is easy to sort.

You could use a notepad or text document as well but there is no easy way to sort. You may have another idea that will work for you.

The sooner you start keeping track of your programs and expenses the easier it will be.

I also have a spreadsheet for traffic exchanges, tools type programs (splash page creators, auto responders etc), training websites and misc links.

Ebooks that I have downloaded go into a file folder on my computer.

Obviously I am writing this to post on my blog so another example of getting organized is using folders on your computer. I have a main folder for my blog. Then I have sub-folders to help me keep up with the different areas.

IBB – Internet Biz Blog
• blog post ideas
• blog training
• posted

I have other folders but this should give you an idea. Under the blog post ideas I add just that ideas and partially finished posts. I can easily go back and work on them when the mood/time strikes.

The blog training includes programs, articles or other info to help me learn more about blogging how to.

The posted folder includes those posts or reviews that have already been added to my blog.

Find what works for you and if you have already been online for a while and don’t have a system in place then figure out what will work for you to keep up with any new programs you join while gradually adding links to programs you have been with for a while.

And don’t forget to back up your computer on a regular basis.

To your success.

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