Is a Six Figure Income Really Possible

Does the term ‘Six Figure Income’ get you all excited? It kind of makes you want to dive right in to whatever is being offered – doesn’t it. Well most of those who make those claims fail to tell you that you are going to need to WORK hard to get there.

Your success is totally dependent on you and not the claims of the program, concept or your sponsor.

Just as with my site there is usually a disclaimer some where that says there are no guarantees, results not typical, or something similar. However, we tend to overlook those and just get caught up in the enticing sales pitch.

While a Six Figure Income can happen there is a lot of hype in the online world that keeps us distracted and moving away from that desire rather than toward it. In fact only about 2-5% of those trying to make money online actually do.

There are going to be ups and downs as you learn to work your online business. There are going to be times that you want to just throw in the towel and give up. You’ve got to learn to weather the ups and downs. Your online business will require time, energy and effort. It’s not as simple as a scratch off lottery ticket. That is logging on, picking a business and then sit back and relax.

It’s more like ok I’ve joined – Now What? So instead of scratching the lottery ticket you are scratching your head wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into and trying to figure out what to do next.

4 key steps to earning money online – yes maybe even 6 figures:

1. Have the mindset that you are in business and you are willing to do what it takes to reach your goals

2. Set realistic and attainable goals like breaking even (i.e. earning your money back), then making a profit and moving to your first $100. Once you’ve reached your first goals then set your next goal – maybe to make your first $1,000.

3. Take the time to learn and take the baby steps necessary to get started off on the right track.

4. Have a written plan of action. Don’t leave your success to chance.

Like most things in life, you will get out of it what you put into it. Working online and earning an income (notice I didn’t say 6 figure) is attainable when you keep the right mindset, have the willingness to put in the time and effort and don’t get caught up in the hype and promises of the Internet. Just stay focused and work toward your goal.

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