List Building Affiliate Programs

An affiliate is someone who is closely associated with another person or organization. There may or may not be a monetary relationship. In the context that we will talk about there is a monetary association. You join a program, refer others and you are rewarded with a set percentage of the sale.

Some well known affiliate programs are ClickBank, Amazon and Commission Junction. Join as affiliate then choose products or services that you would like to promote. It’s not necessary to have made the same purchase prior to selling but it’s a good idea to at least read about the product prior to selling.

You can find affiliate programs from a-z and most anything in between. If you are a blogger or have a website look for options within your niche. Have a health website then look for programs that are health, nutrition, or maybe exercise related. But don’t try to sell cat toys on your site.

There are many other online affiliate programs in the form of membership sites where you join as a free or paid member. When you refer others you earn from 10-100% of the membership fee. When someone upgrades under you you earn a residual income month after month provided that person stays as a paid member. You won’t earn on free members just as your sponsor does not earn if you are a free member.

Please note that the links in this post may be affiliate in nature. Which means that I may earn a commission should you decide to click on it and make a purchase. I do not recommend products or services that I do not personally use.

Affiliate marketing allows a person to get started making money online when on a tight budget. A list building program should be one of your first affiliate programs. There are many to choose from and only you can make a decision as to which one is the best for you.

If you already have an autoresponder – KEEP IT – don’t restart your list building. It’s a mistake that I regret making in my own online venture.

As with any program you should always do your due diligence.

Aweber is a stand alone program. This program has been online since the late 1990s. The cost is $19 per month and it increases based on the number of subscribers.

BuildABizOnline has been online for over 6 years. It offers a lot of tools and resources to help you build your list or any other business online. It has a basic auto responder to get you started. The auto responder is easy to set up. The cost is $5.75 per month with a $2 monthly referral income from personal referrals. This is a single tier program.

Personally I have used this program for about 5 years and find it very user friendly. I use the splash builder and incorporate my auto responder into it. There are lots of tutorial videos to help you and the program owner is very responsive. There is not an option to copy an existing campaign.

All In One Profits offers a 100% commission on the basic membership. It is relatively easy to edit, offers tracking, rotator, capture pages and includes text and banner advertising. It is an even up system where you pass up every even sale to your sponsor. Your referrals will do the same. You do not have the option of sharing a campaign with your members unless you upgrade to the pro level.

Traffic Wave is a 19 year old company. You earn 100% fast start your first month on personal referrals then you earn $6 on your first level and $1 on your levels below that. There are requirements for the number of personal referrals you need in order to get bonuses.

If you are just starting out then choose one responder system and stick with. Learn how to build your list in 4 easy steps.

Just a word of note. Most auto responder systems do not allow you to import your leads from another system. You would need to invite your subscribers to join you at your new list. Be sure you know the rules if you plan to move to a new responder.

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