Make Money and Friends With Blogging

So you’ve most likely seen a blog of some kind including the one you are visiting. You think what a great idea but how do I get started.

Without Hosting Your Site Won’t Be Seen

You can start with a free blog like but it is best to start with a blog that is hosted on your own domain Bluehost where you have control of your site. You can also use a blogging service that will set up and host your blog on their servers but you will still need to be an active part of your blog.

Start with basic hosting and then scale up as your blog readership grows.

Your Domain

You will need a domain name. Make it an easy to remember 2 or 3 words and a .com name. The name should contain a relevant keyword. For example if your blog is about knitting don’t call it EatingHealthy. Those are totally unrelated and will make no sense to your reader. In my opinion it is easier to follow through with something you are interested. However, if you are interested in learning about a totally new topic then creating a blog on that topic might be a good way to learn.

Posting and Updating

You’ve got your blog set up. Now what? To be successful you will need to be able to add content on a regular basis. There are lots of ways to get content for your blog including videos, quotes, your own unique posts and writing style or even linking to relevant and related sites. Just be sure to give credit where it is due and don’t plagiarize.

Commit to adding a new post on a regular interval. It can be daily but it needs to be at least weekly.

Monetizing Your Blog

There are several ways to monetize your blog and the easiest is affiliate programs. You can find affiliate programs for most any niche that you want to write about. Another way to monetize is with Adsense. Google will place ads on your site that relate to your niche or post and when someone clicks on the ad you will earn money.

Replying to Comments

Eventually you will start getting posts. Some will be relevant while others will be total garbage that can go to the trash bucket. Those posts that are appropriate should be replied to in a timely manner and not just a thank you but a response that creates a conversation. You will find some comments that go against what you are saying and that is ok – everyone has their opinion.

It Takes Work

Sorry, there is that nasty little word called work. Yes, it will take some work but anything worth doing or creating will take some work. Do some research to learn more about blogging because it’s not something that you do once and done. Start with the mindset of doing consistent posting on your blog over the long term.

Should You Decide to use a blogging service then please mention that you heard about them on my blog.

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