Stash Invest – Great Way for Beginners to Start Investing


Have you thought about investing in the stock market but not sure how to get started? Stash Invest started in 2015 and allows investors to start with as little as $5. There are training articles to help you learn about Stash, investing, budgeting, beginners guide to investing and Stash Academy for Kids among others.

What is an IPO?

How do you read a stock prospectus?

What is a sector? What is an industry?

Have you heard those terms but have no idea what they mean? With the Stash learning sections you can find out in simple and easy to understand language.

Personally, I am not new to investing. In the early 1990s I joined a company and got my securities and insurance licenses but did not like the cold calling, selling and convincing that I had to do. So I used the info I learned mostly for my own benefit.

When my nephew introduced me to this site I was immediately intrigued by the fact that anyone can start to build for the future. You don’t need to purchase an entire share or invest huge amounts as they are set up to allow you to buy fractional shares. You can choose individual stocks or groups of similar stocks.

Demystifying Wall Street is a good way to describe this company. The platform even helps you determine which kind of investments might be best for you based on your goals and time frame. Are you Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive?

Auto-Stash allows you to set up a schedule to invest on a regular basis. Monthly investing over the long term (or dollar cost averaging) has always been a recommended strategy for a retirement portfolio. And Stash makes that easy.

There is a $1/mo fee which is a lot less than going through traditional methods of investing. Once you have $5,000 in investments the fee is 0.25% of assets. Retirement accounts are $2 per month.

While this is not an affiliate program you can earn $5 for referring friends and family up to $500.

As with any stock and investment there is no guarantee that you will earn money and you may even lose money but it’s a little easier to handle if you are starting with a small amount. You should never spend money that you aren’t willing to lose.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about or start investing then in my opinion StashInvest is a good way to go.

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